An invaluable collective source of knowledge

Using VetRad allows us to provide high quality medicine. We send all radiographs for interpretation. VetRad is reliable and thorough and identifies abnormalities that would have been otherwise undiagnosed. They provide an invaluable collective source of knowledge for interpretation of complex radiographs. More than worth the cost!

Dr. Kelly L. Gellasch, Diplomate ACVS, AAPM 
Crossroads Animal Referral & Emergency
Frederick, Maryland

Incredibly rapid turn around time

Although we have employed VetRad since its inception back in the film days, since going digital our usage has boomed. The incredibly rapid turn around time has improved our diagnostic ability and patient care, not to mention we are frequently surprised at the subtleties discerned by your team.

Dr. Mark Carlson
Stow-Kent Animal Hospital
Kent, Ohio

My clients are very appreciative

Having VetRad read all of our radiographs has significantly improved our diagnostic accuracy. It has been very helpful to have a second eye on our cases, and all of the radiologists are readily available to discuss cases further if needed. My clients are very appreciative of having a radiology consult when dealing with their pets.

Dr. Butch Farkas
Belvoir Pet Hospital
Cleveland, Ohio

They help us provide as complete a service as possible

VetRad’s service has been a valuable asset for our practices. The radiologists have been reading our films for years. We feel they help us provide as complete a service as possible for our patients, owners, and referring veterinarians.

Dr. Larry Anson, Diplomate ACVS 
MedVet Akron
Copley, Ohio
MedVet Cleveland West
Brook Park, Ohio

Promotes high quality client service

We are extremely pleased with VetRad’s service, and feel that it is very beneficial and absolutely essential to have all of our radiographs evaluated by a board certified radiologist. Doing so assures us that we will not be missing any radiographic anomalies, and it promotes high quality client service.

Dr. Jeff Peacock
Hospital Director
Crossroads Animal Hospital
Strongsville, Ohio

Very prompt service and collegiality

VetRad has been reading our radiographs, performing ultrasounds, and providing additional advanced diagnostics for us for years. They have provided us with very prompt service and collegiality that is important to providing the best care and service to our patients and clients.

Dr. John M. Crandell, Diplomate ACVIM (Internal Medicine)
MedVet Akron
Copley, Ohio
MedVet Cleveland West
Brook Park, Ohio

They interpret each radiograph in its entirety

When interpreting cardiac issues, VetRad and I are spot on, but I still have them evaluate my radiographs because there are things outside of the heart I am not highly experienced or trained to visualize. Since VetRad is comprised of board certified radiologists, they interpret each radiograph in its entirety, and not just the defect being evaluated by the specialist or general practitioner. I would encourage every veterinarian to utilize the services of a board certified radiologist. Would you expect any less?

Dr. Kirstin N. Boddy, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology)
MedVet Akron
Copley, Ohio
MedVet Cleveland West
Brook Park, Ohio

Adds diagnostic value and profitability to our practice

I cannot emphasize how important it has been to get the full diagnostic value out of our digital radiographs and use the tools available to us now with the use of telemedicine. Since adding VetRad’s board certified radiologists to our staff, we send all radiographs out for interpretation and have significantly added value to our diagnostic capabilities. They find things that have been totally missed on our end – it is very reassuring to have them looking over our shoulder. They are not biased by history and gut feelings, but evaluate the entire radiograph side-to-side, top-to-bottom. The additional differentials, and recommended testing to further work up a case, adds diagnostic value and profitability to our practice.

Dr. Michael Stone
Oak Harbor Veterinary Hospital
Oak Harbor, Ohio
Westview Veterinary Hospital
Fremont, Ohio
Catawba Veterinary Hospital
Port Clinton, Ohio

We have a board certified radiologist almost in our hospital

We have had every one of our radiographs read by a board certified radiologist since 1983. We started with Dr. James Burt, Diplomate ACVR, at The Ohio State University, and since he retired, we have used VetRad.

We do not pick and choose which patients get the advantage of having their radiographs submitted. We think they all deserve the very best. We do not allow the owner to opt out; every radiograph is read by a board certified radiologist, and the radiology consult fee is built in to our radiographic fees.

We also feel it is important to write our diagnosis on the submission form. Writing our diagnosis first, and then reviewing what the radiologist reports, makes every radiograph a potential learning case. This eliminates cheating, saying “Oh yeah, I saw that, but didn’t write it down”.

The more radiographs we have sent, the better we have become at reading cases. General practitioner veterinarians do not have the expertise that a board certified radiologist provides, and if you do not send your radiographs you are guaranteed to misread some cases. That is not acceptable at Westlake Animal Hospital.

A good example – two months ago, we submitted an abdomen with just a small part of the chest. We totally missed a primary pulmonary adenocarcinoma in a caudal lung lobe. The radiology report saved this dog’s life, as the tumor was recognized and the lung lobe removed.

Now that we are digital, the reports come back quickly. If submitted STAT….WOW, in minutes. What a great addition to have digital processing; we have a board certified radiologist almost in our hospital reading the radiographs immediately.

Dr. Dave Love, Diplomate ABVP
Westlake Animal Hospital
Westlake, Ohio

We are extremely happy with VetRad.

The turnaround times and the quality of the reports we are receiving are excellent. I’m glad we made the switch. If anything, I’m upset we didn’t switch sooner.

Cody J. Waldrop
Area Practice Manager
Bayonet Point Animal Clinic

We have been so impressed since making the switch to VetRad.

You guys are awesome!
Bill Feeman, DVM
VetCor of Medina

I would just like to take a moment to compliment you on your service.

The reports are timely, complete and thorough. It has been such a positive experience since we switched to your company. Thank you!!!

Elise M. Lovisa, DVM
Ardsley Veterinary Associates P.C.

I just wanted to pass along a compliment.

I had an odd case of something I had never seen before. The radiologist, Dr Matthew Paek, took the time to email me an article without me even asking. It was so kind and thoughtful. I just wanted to pass along how above and beyond. It was so appreciated!

Danielle Hively, DVM
Lester Prairie Vet Clinic